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Where else can you find quality henna or indigo powder supplies in Vancouver, or in Canada! We currently sell the henna powder that is used by HennaVancouver's mehndi/henna artists. It is Premium quality triple sifted Rajasthani Henna Powder for body art purposes. We also supply single sifted Henna for Hair, and pure Indigo Powder for hair.

Henna hand images below show the color obtained from this
henna product. Henna color on the skin of back of hand and
on the palm two or three days later.
More images at for
henna or mehndi body art designs in Vancouver

PLEASE NOTE: HennaVancouver does not provide or recommend any specific instructions on how to use the henna or indigo powders as each person's haircare needs differ. We do, however, provide a few links to other websites that show you how to use these products, and expect that customers purchasing our products will further research their own information on how to use henna and indigo powders.

For popular henna body art recipes, or henna for hair recipes, click on the recipe links on our left menu.
BAQ Triple Sifted Organic Rajasthani Henna - 300 gm
Our Premium Body Art Quality Henna Powder
Can$17.95 [Add to Cart] 
Organic Indigo Powder - 300 gm
Pure Indigo Powder
Can$17.95 [Add to Cart] 
NEW! Henna for Hair with 9 - 300gm
Introducing Amazing New Henna for Hair with 9 other Herbal Conditioners. For descriptions of these click on:
Amla powder,Ritha powder,Shikakai powder,Bhringraj powder,Brahmi powder,
Aloe vera,Jatamansi powder,Methi powder,Neem leaves powder

Can$15.95 [Add to Cart] 
Henna for Hair - 300 gm
Single Sifted High Quality Henna Powder
Please do not order
Can$12.95 [Add to Cart] 
NEW! Cassia Obovata Powder - 300gm
Introducing Cassia Obovata Powder Cassia Powder is a natural powder.
It is also called Neutral Henna or colorless henna. It neutralizes the "red" in the natural henna when mixed with it. It nourishes the hair and acts as natural hair conditioner without imparting any color to hair.
Can$15.95 [Add to Cart] 

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